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As a ExtensionU Hair & Beauty Consultant,(EUHBC) you will join us in the important role of educating women about beauty inside and out, empowering them to take control of their appearance, while playing an important role in the discussion of well-being.

You will:

  • Bring fun and luxury back.
  • Have our full support in becoming a success – access to the resource center and personalized training.
  • Not have to carry inventory – we ship products directly to your customer.
  • Throw the best bundle and beauty parties on the block!
  • Develop a productive and lucrative business network.

Let’s create wealth!

Learn how it works!

Here are a few of the many reasons why EU stands above as a fun, and friendly hair company:

  • Industry leader in hair products
  • Raw and virgin hair product options
  • Natural hair and beauty products
  • Full commission on web sales
  • FREE Hair Rewards Program
  • EU Kickstart incentive for new consultants
  • Referral commission learning opportunity
  • Massive exposure with state of art conference held quarterly
  • Male consultants welcome
  • Exclusive custom apparel
  • Exclusive host-only product collection
  • Find a Hair Extension Guru network
  • A socially responsible program which supports entrepreneurs globally

EUHBC earn money in 2 different ways. The main component is by your commission based on Volume of Sales which is the total of your sales for the month x the percentage. This amount is based on your rank.

EXAMPLE: You’ve already reached an Ambassador level if you reach $5000.00 in sales.
$2,500 in sales x 25% Purchase Discount = $1250.00 profit for you!

  • Levels range from Producer to Platinum Director. See chart for discounts at each level.
  • Commission is based on the sales volume of your previous month.

EXAMPLE: You’ve already reached a Ambassador level for sales volumes when you reach $5000.00 in sales.
$5000.00 in sales x 25% Purchase Discount = $1250.00 profit for you!


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We guarantee that the items you are going to buy will
be delivered to you in less than 48 hours


We guarantee payment term for customers up to
30 days from the receipt of goods


We love our customers and they can reach us any time
of day we will be at your service 24/7


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